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Below are a list of common questions about the GDPR and their answers.

Does GDPR replace PECR (The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) if you are a Network or Service Provider?

The GDPR does not replace PECR, although it changes the underlying definition of consent. Existing PECR rules continue to apply, but using the new GDPR standard of consent.

This means that if you send electronic marketing or use cookies or similar technologies, from 25 May 2018 you must comply with both PECR and the GDPR.

If you are a network or service provider, Article 95 of the GDPR says the GDPR does not apply where there are already specific PECR rules. This is to avoid duplication, and means that if you are a network or service provider, you only need to comply with PECR rules (and not the GDPR) on:

  • Security and Security Breaches;
  • Traffic Data;
  • Location Data;
  • Itemised Billing; and
  • Line Identification Services.

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