KJL Group – Winners of the Sales Partner of 2018

This month our senior management team attended the annual Zen Partner conference in Manchester, which saw 261 business leaders from around the UK attend to discuss the future of internet focused technologies within the commercial markets and examine groundbreaking research. … Continue Reading

The Importance of Ethical IT, Photocopier and MPS Sales

When people think ethics, they tend to imagine it only relates to fair trade with poor countries, but it applies to UK businesses as well. It’s astounding to think that in 2018 that we still meet with new customers who … Continue Reading

KJL become The KJL Group

KJL are very proud to announce that we will be updating our company name to the KJL Group. This changes comes as we reflect a substantial expansion of the business to include a Managed Print Division. The KJL Group continues … Continue Reading

Navigating Effective Change Management

Change is an interesting and necessary process for growth in business. It describes employee focus, and indeed business operations, moving from one particular state of normality to another, completely different from the original in some integral way. In the context … Continue Reading

Why you shouldn’t Use Drop Box and One Drive for Business … and why you should use FSS instead.

Today, the Cloud is a reasonable and cost effective method of storing business data. It means that companies no longer have to manage their own security, replace servers or retain extensive support. Like any newer technology though, using Cloud technology … Continue Reading

How Often Should I Change My Website?

Very often, one is faced with a question that at first glance seems obvious, but in truth requires some rather precise thinking to find an answer. To limit the extent of the ways in which possible answers may arise, we … Continue Reading

Does it matter what website platform I use?

YES, YES, YES, a million times YES!! What platform you build your website on decides a whole host of other elements. In fact this single decision is perhaps the most important one you can make, because from that you limit … Continue Reading

Why Social Media (probably) Won’t Solve Your Company’s Problems

Social media is an extraordinary phenomenon. It has now overtaken traditional media (such as TV and Print) in terms of generating interest and driving sales for both smaller businesses and giant organisations. It has also created an entirely new targeted … Continue Reading

New Email Security Partner: Mimecast

Kevin James Ltd are very happy to partner with Mimecast, an extremely exciting business who offer a fully integrated cloud suite to comprehensively manage the security, archiving and business continuity risks associated with emails.   Why is Mimecast Great? Mimecast … Continue Reading

The Dark Web, Cyber Crime and New Malware Attacks

One of the most important factors to try and comprehend when discussing new topics such as The Dark Web and Cyber Crime is the extraordinary pace of change. Today, changes happen faster and more frequently than ever, predominantly because there … Continue Reading