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Professional IT setups for Serious Business

For over twenty years the KJL Group have been managing IT services for UK-based businesses. During that time, we have developed the aim of ensuring real-time protection of business revenue by establishing strong, dependable technology within business.

We provide management all aspects of IT security, backups, networking, oversee hardware management and deliver operational IT solutions. We also providing dependable front-line IT support for users across all of these areas and technical consultation for new projects.

KJL Group IT Solutions and IT services ensure that our customers have all of the important bases covered, with a team behind them who offer fantastic opportunities for growth.

 On-Demand Business IT Management

From business consultancy, system reporting and overall spending, KJL can make IT updates more predictable and easy to manage. We work according to our customers guidelines but will always offer our professional, unbiased, opinion.

 All-in-one IT Packages

Offering a range of IT services, we can create a suite of IT solutions to rapidly improve the way businesses operate. We can also quickly correct any past mistakes and ensure total protection within days … not weeks.

 A Professional Business IT Partner

All of our services follow clear guidelines for best practice. This means all of our services are costed prior to delivery, all projects have accurate timescales and we follow-through on everything we say. This makes us a valuable asset for business.

 Automotive Specialists

Many of our customers are part of the Automotive trade (we work with many car dealerships). This means we have full knowledge of all the different types of setups, software solutions (DMS and Dealer Systems). We also provide direct support for CDK Rev 8 and Autoline Drive.

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See what the KJL Group can do for your business by checking out our brochure. It covers all of our services in an easy to read format. If you are looking for information in a specific area then why not contact us directly – we are always more than happy to have an informal chat about IT systems or come and talk directly to management teams.

The KJL Group are dedicated to providing the right service or IT solution and have the in-house expertise to overcome any challenge.

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The KJL Business IT Team

Putting the right people in place to help you advance your business.

Kevin James

Founder/Managing Director

Kevin is the Founder and Managing Director of the KJL Group, where he leads business strategy and technologies. Kevin is a highly experienced IT director, engineer and software developer, adept at helping businesses maintain high standards of excellence through technology, especially during periods of growth and expansion. After 25 years in the industry, Kevin still has a very much hands on approach to assisting clients and driving the business forward.

Greg French

Operations & Technical Director

With over 18 years of service with the KJL Group Greg has been part of the success of the business and plays a vital role in day to day operations as well as technical leadership. As a member of the board, Greg ensures service delivery is to the highest standards whist directing vital and complex project delivery with little or no disruption to client operations.

Alex Cook

Commercial Director

With many years’ experience across a number of business sectors, Alex manages the commercial operations of the KJL Group of companies. Alex offers key focus to ensure that the KJL Group delivers the right commercial solutions to the market to serve both our existing and new clients. Alex also heads up our associated company KJL Document Solutions.

Ali Steele

Support Manager

Ali is a highly experienced Microsoft support engineer with Advanced level qualifications in IT Systems. Ali leads the KJL technical support team ensuring the highest levels of service delivery day in day out. Using our advanced ITSM & RMM systems, Ali continues to evolve our support model to maximize team efficiencies and client support communications.

Steve Chapman

Network Operations Manager

Steve is a qualified and highly experienced network architect and network support engineer, as well as heading up the KJL Network Operations team. Steve is driven to ensure network efficiencies and securities are optimized to the highest of levels thus maximizing network service delivery. Steve is also very experienced on our preferred Firewall and UTM solution, SmoothWall with over 10 years product exposure.

Liam Still

Project Manager

As the primary Project Manager for the KJL Group, Liam manages the smooth delivery of all projects both large and small. As a highly skilled IT engineer, Liam is very much hands on in not only building and managing projects but also plays an important role in on site delivery and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved. Liam has a particular passion for rebuilding comms rooms for clients of which there are many success stories

Julie James

Director of Services

As a board director Julie plays and important role in ensuring that the KJL Group continues to deliver client services to the highest of levels. Julie also provides daily first line technical support and will often be the first point of contact for inbound telephone support calls.

Sam Donovan

Support Team Leader

As support team leader, Sam ensures our engineers are fully focused on delivering efficient IT support services to our clients. As an experienced Microsoft support engineer with Advanced level qualifications Sam also provide 2nd and 3rd line support to clients and is very much a problem solver. Sam is also an experience network engineer and provides the technical bridge between the NOC and Support teams.

Callum Montgomery

Support Engineer

Callum is a highly experienced support desk engineer with many years service with the KJL Group. Callum originally served an apprenticeship with the business and has continued to build his career to become a respected member of the team. Callum has a calm, cool approach to supporting clients and is able to deal with all types of support request regardless of complexity in a time efficient manner.

Mike Lilley

Dealer Management System Support Analyst

Mike is a qualified and highly experienced DMS Support Engineer with many years experience with CDK systems including Rev 8 and CDK Drive. Mike supports a number of our automotive clients providing both basic and advance system support across CDK systems including VSB, CRM, accounting and manufacturer systems.

Jack Davis

Support Engineer

Jack is an experienced IT support engineer and provides both telephone and regular on-site support services to clients.

Craig Chapman

Junior Support Engineer

Craig joined KJL as an apprentice to which he went on to pass all qualifications with flying colours to which he was then appointed as a junior support engineer. Craig is a true techie and will get involved with all aspects of IT support regardless of complexity and is often seen assisting more senior engineers. Craig has a passion for code with experience in scripting and key languages including VB. NET and C# as well as advanced Powershell

Ben Beardwell

Support Engineer/System Admin

Ben is a highly experienced remote support engineer with Advanced level qualifications in IT Systems. Ben provides a wide range of IT support skills to clients both large and small with advanced experience in Office 365 environment setup and management. Ben also has responsibilities to manage and maintain internal KJL Systems.

Sean Macmillan

Support Engineer/Trainer

Sean ensures our support engineers receive regular training across all services offered by the KJL Group. This also extends to offering training to clients for both KJL applications as well as the range of Microsoft solutions. Sean also offers IT support to clients and plays a key role in supporting and evolving KJL solutions.

Joe Donovan

Support Engineer

Joe is an experienced IT support engineer and provides both telephone and regular on-site support services to clients.

Callum Scarff

Junior Support Engineer

Callum is a junior support engineer who joined the team in 2019

Louise Scott

Accounts and Admin

Louise is a key member of the KJL accounts and admin team with a multitude of daily responsibilities including purchasing, stock control, stock dispatch and invoicing.

Heather Smith

Financial Controller

Heather maintains the groups finances and oversees both the accounts and admin team.

Tyler Digby

Junior Support Engineer

As our newest team member, Tyler has joined up as a young, enthusiastic engineer keen to fast-track his knowledge growth in IT Support & Technology.

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Experienced IT Engineers

We are currently looking for experienced support engineers to join the KJL Team. For more information, Click link below.

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Marketing Specialists

We are currently looking for an experience marketing specialist to join the KJL Team. For more information, click link below .

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Derrick Millburn

Product Support & Development Engineer

Derrick is a highly experienced software and solutions developer as well as a system architect providing design models to our core development team. With experience in a number of development languages including VB.NET and C#, Derrick is able to design, build, test and deploy systems to a live environment regardless of complexity.

Sumit Sachdeva

Technical Lead

Sumit is a highly experienced software and solutions developer as well as a system architect providing design models to our core development team. With experience in a number of development languages including VB.NET and C#, Sumit is able to design, build, test and deploy systems to a live environment regardless of complexity.

Shiva Katara

Senior Developer

Shiva is a highly experienced software developer (12+ years) with experience in a number of development languages including .NET, MVC and C#,

KJL Document Solutions - Print Management Team

Richard Snuggs

Service & Installations Manager (MPS)

Richard is a highly experienced senior print engineer with a range of qualifications covering print management. Supporting manufacturers including Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Lexmark, Richard leads the print management team in delivering a fast and efficient service including PDI, installation and service calls.

Luke Gellard

Service & Installations Supervisor (MPS)

Luke is fully qualified to support & service Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Lexmark devices. Working closely with the MPS Service Manager Luke is involved in new installations as well as day to day service callouts and preventative maintenance including regular fleet firmware upgrades.


Adam Rudd

Warehouse and Delivery Operative

As a relatively new member of the team Adam plays an important role in warehousing duties including deliveries, PDI preparations and stock management. Overtime, Adam is keen to grow his career with KJL Docs to become a qualified print engineer.

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