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The KJL Support Team is Always With You

Support Portal

Our Client Support Portal is available to all of our Support Customers via their desktop. Just clicking an icon on their machine they are able to register any issue and it will automatically join our support queue to be resolved as soon as possible. Any changes or updates will be sent automatically to the Users email inbox.


Customers can log support requests via email at support@kjltd.co.uk. Emails are tracked and tasks assigned priority in the same way as the User portal. Please Note: during busy periods it may take longer for a ticket to be assigned to an engineer if logged by email as opposed to through the support portal.


The KJL instant response team are available by phone Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 18:00 and 08:30 to 13:00 on Saturday, offering over the phone assistance covering a range of user and technical issues. Please Note: During especially busy periods we may be unavailable by phone.

How Does KJL IT Support Actively Improve Your Business?

KJL offer full Business IT support and monitoring services, with remote fixing of issues covering almost any area of business.

Our professional IT Support services have you covered no matter what. That includes phone systems, user issues, printing, networking and on-site support. We go the extra mile to care for our customers and provide services that truly empower them – giving them the ability to manage any change or update effectively and without stress.

Structured IT Systems Administration

Our professional support team are 100% dedicated to providing the best support that money can buy. That means working within a clearly structured approach to effectively support business needs. This includes phones, printers, software and all other technological hardware. We provide this structured approach so that if anything goes wrong we can solve the problem rapidly for our customers.

Rapid Resolutions (Remote Support)

The majority of our requests are managed quickly and easily for our customers. Our advanced ticket logging and remote management solution which allows us to log in to PC’s and resolve issues in minutes, not hours. This commitment to resolution is well earned and strongly appreciated by our customers who find that often their work is not interrupted during IT Management.

Friendly On-Site Support

Our trained and qualified IT engineers are always kind and attentive. We know that sometimes technology can cause undue stress and that our job is to relieve that burden from business. Our response times are highly competitive and we are flexible to ensure that high priority jobs are seen with the relevant degree of urgency.

The Right Kind of Hardware Management

KJL don’t put in budget solutions that will break in six months or be impossible to support – we put in the right systems that will keep business moving and empower our customers. As part of our commitment to this ideal, we have companies we have worked with for decades and whose hardware we trust, including Dell, Zyxel, Merlin and Smoothwall.

Where is my Support Portal?

You can find the link to your company’s support portal inside your welcome email. If you cannot find this email, and would like us to send you a new link, please email us at support@kjltd.co.uk. We recommend creating a new shortcut on your desktop to reach this URL instantly in the future.

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