KJL Group – Winners of the Sales Partner of 2018

This month our senior management team attended the annual Zen Partner conference in Manchester, which saw 261 business leaders from around the UK attend to discuss the future of internet focused technologies within the commercial markets and examine groundbreaking research. … Continue Reading

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KJL become The KJL Group

KJL are very proud to announce that we will be updating our company name to the KJL Group. This changes comes as we reflect a substantial expansion of the business to include a Managed Print Division. The KJL Group continues … Continue Reading

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Navigating Effective Change Management

Change is an interesting and necessary process for growth in business. It describes employee focus, and indeed business operations, moving from one particular state of normality to another, completely different from the original in some integral way. In the context … Continue Reading

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Is .com still King?

When the Internet really started to grow in the 90’s, people didn’t know much about how websites worked, but they knew one thing – that they started with www. and ended with .com. For many people this was what websites … Continue Reading

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Below are a list of common questions about the GDPR and their answers.

Does GDPR replace PECR (The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) if you are a Network or Service Provider?

The GDPR does not replace PECR, although it changes the underlying definition of consent. Existing PECR rules continue to apply, but using the new GDPR standard of consent.

This means that if you send electronic marketing or use cookies or similar technologies, from 25 May 2018 you must comply with both PECR and the GDPR.

If you are a network or service provider, Article 95 of the GDPR says the GDPR does not apply where there are already specific PECR rules. This is to avoid duplication, and means that if you are a network or service provider, you only need to comply with PECR rules (and not the GDPR) on:

  • Security and Security Breaches;
  • Traffic Data;
  • Location Data;
  • Itemised Billing; and
  • Line Identification Services.
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GDPR is coming – Quick look busy!

So this Friday (otherwise known as GDPR Day) might not be quite as full of enjoyment as many others. Indeed this week may prove to be busy and stressful, getting last minute things done before GDPR takes effect. Once the … Continue Reading

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Christmas and New Year Support Times

  KJL IT Support – Christmas and New Year Support Times   Saturday 23rd Dec Monday 25th Dec Tuesday 26th Dec 27th to 29th Dec Saturday 30th Dec Monday 1st Jan Tuesday 2nd Jan Normal Saturday Support Closed Closed 9am – 3pm Normal Saturday Support Closed Normal Hours … Continue Reading

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The GDPR and Changing the Game

One of the best things about modern industry is the ability to adapt and change to meet new demands placed on it. Unfortunately this has made it a real struggle for governments, who have tried and failed for many years … Continue Reading

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The Power and Nature of GDPR

Just to be clear this post contains information which is timely and relevant to any business with an online presence. This includes companies who manage data internally only and those who primarily deal with paper-based processes. The General Data Protection Regulation … Continue Reading

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