KJL Group and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“It is important for the KJL Group to constantly deliver ethical and sustainable IT solutions and business practices.”

We are committed to exploring and improving our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and we concentrate on the following five principal areas of activity:

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Our CSR Today!

With an ethos of “Service before Profit” we always work towards the following aims and objectives:

  • We aim to build long-term quality relationships with all our customers.
  • We aim to give fair value, consistent quality and reliability in the products and services that we supply.
  • We aim to always have the highest professional and ethical standards.

In the Community

We extend our support to both local and national charities whenever possible, striving to distribute our assistance among a diverse range of organizations. Our aim is to do our utmost in contributing to various causes and making a positive impact on different communities.

As part of our drive to give back to the community, here are just some of the activities we have been participating in over the last 12 months:

The Lennox Children's Cancer Fund had a brilliant initiative of approaching local companies to buy a "Christmas Bauble" to raise funds for the charities' Christmas activities. We were delighted to contribute and play our role in supporting this highly commendable cause.


Following our connection with the team at Lennox, we inquired about the possibility of offering our assistance to the charity through volunteering.

Lennox expressed a strong interest in utilizing our resources, prompting us to assemble a team of KJL volunteers. Together, we collaborated to fill 100 backpacks with gifts for the Children of Broadlands Primary School in Romford. The distribution of these backpacks was arranged by the Lennox Children's Cancer Trust staff, and they were delivered to children undergoing cancer treatment in various local hospitals.

Ninety delightful children from the school graciously offered their assistance, making our day thoroughly enjoyable.

The mission of Chess Homeless is to provide support for homeless individuals, empowering them to progress towards improved well-being and a better future.

In collaboration with Networking Essex and Chelmsford Cricket Club, several volunteers, including our Director, Alex Cook, participated in the "Sleep Out" event at Essex County Cricket Ground. Together, they raised an astonishing £3,000 for this charity.

On a chilly and rainy night, the volunteers gained a glimpse of the adversities that homeless individuals endure every single day of the year.

This charity is truly remarkable, and we were delighted to be a part of it. If you look closely at the below image of the volunteers below, you might catch sight of a renowned England Team Cricketer who graciously joined us for the evening, extending their well wishes.


The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity provides aid to individuals whose lives are affected by cancer. In showing our support for this remarkable cause, we were delighted to contribute a Konica A3 Colour MFP, serving as a meaningful donation to this highly deserving charity.

Kids Inspire is a commendable charity operating within our local community, offering essential mental health and trauma recovery support for children, young people, and their families. In support of their noble cause, we gladly donated several raffle prizes to aid the charity in raising funds for this deserving endeavour.

S.K.L.P.C (UK) support the communities of Willesden, Golders Green, Harrow, East London, Woolwich, Cardiff, Bolton and Oldham, together with global support for victims of natural disasters. We donated equipment to the S.K.L.P.C. (UK) to help facilitate the Community Centre Samaj Hall for which we received a certificate of thanks.


Every year, we actively participate in the "Macmillan's Coffee Morning," a significant fundraising event that supports both Macmillan Cancer Charity and Comic Relief. This incredible charity provides essential support for individuals living with cancer.

Every year, KJL staff members showcase their baking skills by bringing homemade cakes into the office. These delectable treats are then sold by the slice to our hungry engineers and neighbouring business staff. The funds raised from these cake sales are dedicated to these fantastic charities, which impact the lives of numerous individuals.

Crisis UK tirelessly assists numerous individuals through their advocacy and support for those facing homelessness or at risk of it. Their campaigns aim to eliminate homelessness entirely. KJL Group has proudly contributed to Crisis by donating funds to provide Christmas Dinners for people who might not have anywhere else to go on this important day of the year.

It was a great honour for us to sponsor the Golf Day event organized by the J Coffey Charitable Trust. As a leading construction company in the UK and a valued long-standing client, we were delighted to extend our support to their commendable charitable endeavours.

KJL Group Recycling WEEE to Buy New IT Equipment for Local Schools

Continuing our commitment to supporting local schools and promoting eco-friendly IT equipment disposal, we take great pride in contributing several 65” Clevertouch Interactive Smartboards to various educational institutions in the area. Among the schools benefiting from this donation are Bournes Green School in Southend, St. Edwards C of E in Romford, and several others nearby.

In the image below, you can see one of our engineers installing a new screen at his daughter's school in Hertfordshire.

We actively promote the recycling and selling of old equipment collected from our customers' offices instead of merely discarding it. By doing so, we ensure that this valuable resource is properly cleaned and resold whenever possible. The funds generated from this process enable us to donate brand new IT equipment to local schools, as mentioned earlier.

Wildlife and the environment are important to us at KJL

The KJL Group has been a member of the Essex Wildlife Trust for several years. This outstanding organization operates numerous wildlife sanctuaries and is dedicated to preserving wildlife and raising awareness about the significance of our environment and the creatures that inhabit it.


“You Print we Plant”

The KJL Group has committed to joining Printreleaf.

PrintReleaf collaborates closely with print and forestry experts to establish industry standards for quantifying, offsetting, and validating the effective reforestation of paper consumption. Through their development of standardized methodology and a user-friendly technology platform, customers can easily engage in certifiable reforestation of their paper usage.

“PrintReleaf- We measure a customer’s paper consumption then make it actionable. Customers select where to reforest their consumption through our network of PrintReleaf Certified™ Global Reforestation Projects.”

Initially designed to oversee print services, boost engagement, and promote sustainable printing, PrintReleaf's automatic reforestation program has now evolved to incorporate Carbon Offsets. Managed print service providers can integrate these Carbon Offsets to amplify their positive environmental influence. Whether printing a single page or billions of pages, both smaller local printers and global OEM’s can participate and enjoy the benefits of this program at any scale.

PrintReleaf | Standard

Starting in August 2023, KJL Group eagerly anticipates implementing this project for our esteemed customers. As part of our commitment, we will cover the costs for our partners to plant trees in regions requiring reforestation.

For every 10,000 pages printed, we pledge to plant a new tree on behalf of our clients, thus contributing to environmental preservation and striving to minimize the ecological footprint of printing.

To acknowledge their contribution, our clients will receive certificates detailing the trees' specific locations and the areas where they have been planted. These certificates can be utilized to enhance their own Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours.

Our Partners and Suppliers

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, KJL Group demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the environment. We actively collaborate with partners and suppliers who share ethical and sustainable values, ensuring that sustainability and environmental consciousness remain one of our top priorities.

Undoubtedly, Kyocera stands out as one of the most environmentally conscious technology businesses globally, and we take great pride in being a partner/reseller for them. Their ongoing objective is to reduce energy intensity by 2% or more each year, showcasing their strong commitment to the environment.

This dedication to environmental responsibility has led Kyocera to collaborate with various esteemed ethical organizations and earn prestigious awards and accreditations. Among their accomplishments, KYOCERA Document Solutions has achieved ISO 14001:2004, the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems.

Moreover, Kyocera's latest devices, the ECOSYS series, exemplify their dedication to sustainability through continuous innovation.

They have numerous accreditations including:

Lexmark have made huge advances over the years to become a leading force in sustainable printing devices, which are produced using materials derived from sustainable sources and designed to have minimal impact on the environment throughout the print lifecycle.

They have numerous accreditations including:

As part of their commitment to sustainability and the environment Konica Minolta are part of the Clean Planet Program.

Their accreditations include:

Our Journey at KJL Group

Regarding clean energy initiatives, we continue to make the transition from conventional pool vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). Additionally, we remain attentive to upcoming innovations related to alternative fuel types for our fleet vehicles, as this will further enhance our business's contribution to sustainability.

Last Updated: 23/11/2023