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What is Web Hosting?

Every website you have ever visited is hosted on a server; this allows it to be viewed on the internet. A web hosting service is provided by a company, such as KJL Group, that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the internet by allocating them space on a server.

A server always allows your website to be viewed as it is a physical computer that runs without any interruption. It is the role of your web host to keep that server updated and working, safe from cyberattacks, and ensuring content is transferred from the server to visitors’ browsers.

Why Choose KJL Group for Website Hosting?

KJL Group's website hosting extends through a range of web-based services and on-demand applications as required. We offer standardised website hosting packages (favouring WordPress) which ensure the rapid speeds and full permission-based controls with 24/7 support through user portals and fully compliant IT processes.

Our website hosting and website development services maximise investment in the internet as a selling tool, whilst properly managing the introduction of new ideas and marketing strategies into the future. Working this way, we ensure progressive development of online presence and increase sales opportunities without unnecessary demands for capital investment.

 We can host any HTML5 website (dynamic) with PHP Version 7 installed and available to our clients, ensuring full flexibility and security. We host a variety of websites including ecommerce stores, HR systems, intranet sites, learning management systems and many commercial websites.

Working With UKFast

All web hosting data is backed up in the Cloud in our own database at UKFast's data centre complex, meaning you can expect minimal delays and a helpful, UK-based team of experts are on hand to support you.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, it is the process of accessing an application via the internet, this application is run on a SaaS provider’s server. In terms of applications, this could be anything from office software such as Microsoft 365, to the vast variety of Google Apps.

The main reasons companies opt for a SaaS approach are security, availability, compatibility, performance, and operational management.

Why choose KJL Group for SaaS Solutions?

Our software hosting environments are fully optimised for SaaS solutions, ensuring the highest uptime, optimal read / write speeds, resilient setups, and full business continuity protocols. This includes 2-minute backup boot servers.

KJL Group’s software hosting setup caters to all different types of program, including those which employ offline syncing and data traffic from mobile apps. All software hosting environments offer 24/7, 365 support and rapid recovery as standard.

Our IT Management Teams and Senior Operations Groups are empowered with key analytics data, viewable in real-time on any device. Our Cloud Infrastructure team ensure best practice setups to ensure everything works harmoniously from the first instance, keeping licencing costs to a minimum and providing top quality frontline support for our customers.

Our software hosting includes real-time robust firewall protection, automated data backups and software integration.

Support Portal

Our Client Support Portal is available to all of our Support Customers via their desktop. Just clicking an icon on their machine they are able to register any issue and it will automatically join our support queue to be resolved as soon as possible. Any changes or updates will be sent automatically to the Users email inbox.


Customers can log support requests via email at support@kjltd.co.uk. Emails are tracked and tasks assigned priority in the same way as the User portal. Please Note: during busy periods it may take longer for a ticket to be assigned to an engineer if logged by email as opposed to through the support portal.


The KJL instant response team are available by phone Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 6.00pm and 8.30am to 1.00pm on Saturday, offering over the phone assistance covering a range of user and technical issues. Please Note: During especially busy periods we may be unavailable by phone.

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