• Internet & VOIP Telephony Services for UK Businesses

    Our internet and VOIP telephony services are perfect for small, medium and large businesses. In partnership with award-winning internet providers, we can assure your company the best quality service and connection.

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Managed Internet Services

Our managed Internet service options are cost-effective and reliable and best of all, you only ever talk to us! As KJL Group is a Regulated Internet Service Provider (ISP), we will organise your new connections, provide direct support and even the billing. No more long hold times connecting to call centres!

As you would expect, we provide all types of broadband and 4G connections to meet your needs and budget.

Have You Thought About Moving To The Cloud?

Cloud Network setups have grown from strength to strength over the past five years in terms of security, flexibility, speed, and power. Today, Cloud networks are as fast, if not faster, than traditional setups.

In line with technological upgrades, KJL Group offers Cloud-based solutions such as secured File Sharing. This solution, developed with leading organisation Autotask, means that the ongoing cost of constant upgrades to network infrastructure and continual purchasing cycles can be drastically reduced, in turn decreasing the cost of daily business.

Broadband for Businesses

Your business depends on your internet connection, so you need to be sure that you get it right.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best internet connectivity to keep your business operational, be it simple access to email, the ability to run video conferencing, or having your business telephony run over the internet.

Our range of fast, superfast, and ultrafast connection options provides you with the speed you need, no matter your requirements.

Key Features Of KJL Group's Business Broadband

  • Enhanced support and Service Level Agreement for if things go wrong
  • UK-based customer services team of experienced IT engineers
  • We will not slow your connection speed down at any time
  • Rather than sharing a broadband line with others - as you do with any other kind of broadband - we provide single lines all to yourself
  • Internet from market-leading providers
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • With a wide range of packages to suit your needs, we will be there to advise you every step of the way!

VOIP Telephone Systems

By using the internet to send, receive and monitor calls, businesses can take advantage of advanced configuration options and greatly reduce the cost of their internal and external communications. Our services include supplying companies with quality telephony software, as well as hardware resources, for example, headsets from market-leading brands.

What Are The Advantages Of VOIP Telephone Systems?


  • Low-cost calls - charged per user, no need to rent phone lines
  • Easy to install as no hardware
  • Free setup - no line installation charges
  • Enterprise-grade solution for all sizes of business
  • 0800, 0845, 0870, and any 01 or 02 number ranges
  • Multiple device connection

VOIP Call Management Features

Call Review Management - Recordings are accessible and downloadable via web browser from our cloud service.

Call Monitoring -
 Real-time monitoring can dramatically improve call performance, enabling managers to train staff effectively.

Call Logging -
 All inbound and outbound calls are logged and enable traffic review by business and extension.

Call Screening -
 Ability to filter calls by destination or use to improve call satisfaction and conversion. Our systems can accommodate millions of numbers in the filtering list.

Intercom / Paging -
 Broadcast real-time personalised messages to groups or extensions.

Complete Telephony Packages

We’ll get you set up quickly and easily, supplying everything from the software used for VOIP, to experienced engineers to get you ready to go, to high-quality headsets to ensure your calls are crystal clear. We have partnered with the very best software and hardware telephony providers to supply businesses with dependable technology at great prices.

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