• Internet & VOIP Telephony Services for UK Businesses

    Hosted by our team of experts, based in Essex, just outside of London, our internet and VOIP telephony services are perfect for small, medium and large businesses. In partnership with award-winning internet provider Zen, we can assure your company the best quality service and connection.

KJL Group in Partnership with Zen

Here at KJL Group, we are proud to be a partner of Zen, a Which? & PC Pro multi-awarding winning internet service provider. We provide companies around the UK with Zen internet and broadband, supporting these businesses from our UK offices. Customer service is at the center of what we do, answering and responding to calls quickly and promptly.

We will help you decide which package is best for you based on your business size and requirements.

We were proud to be nominated for Zen’s Partner of the Year 2020.

Does Your Business Require Better Hosted Internet & Telephony Services?

Our hosted internet service provider solution is perfect for small, medium and large businesses in all industries. We partner with Zen to provide top quality internet connection, hosted by our UK-based team of experts, giving you access to the Cloud, VOIP phone systems, and many other features.

As well as a reliable internet package being hosted by a helpful team of experts, our VOIP systems bring businesses a wide range of advantages when compared to other phone systems. These advantages include lower costs, increased accessibility, clearer voice quality and complete portability. This phone system will also be managed and hosted by the same UK-based team that takes care of your internet service, therefore you will not have to reach out to several businesses about internet and telephony enquiries.

Not only do we provide VOIP software, we’ll get you all set up with the best quality hardware.

Broadband for Businesses

Your business depends on your internet connection, so you need to be sure that you get it right.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best internet connectivity to keep your business operational, be it simple access to email, the ability to run video conferencing, or having your business telephony run over the internet (also known as ‘Voice over IP’ or VoIP).

Whatever you want to do online, we’ve got you covered. Our range of fast, superfast and ultrafast connection options provides you with the speed you need, no matter your requirements.

And unlike other providers, we won’t slow you down, limit your downloads or restrict your usage. With KJL Group you can enjoy broadband the way it was meant to be.

Why Choose Our Business Broadband?

Critical Care

This option gives you access to enhanced technical support and a Service Level Agreement for if things go wrong

Customer Services

UK-based customer services and Range of packages to suit your needs technical support functions.

No Traffic Shaping

Unlike other suppliers we won’t slow your connection speed down at any time of day or night.

Expert Advice

Range of packages to suit your needs, we'll be there to guide you every step of the way!

VOIP Telephone Options

Much like with our internet service, we will find the best telephony option for you based on your requirements, resources, and business size. This includes both the software and hardware to operate an effective VOIP system.

By using the internet to send, receive and monitor calls, businesses can take advantage of advanced configuration options and greatly reduce the cost of their internal and external communications.

With cost savings over traditional setups of up to 70% we offer a solution that simply makes sense. KJL Group ensure the highest levels of service, call quality, network and configuration features and benefits. We also include cost-effective local on-site support as required.

Telephony Software & Hardware

We are partners with leading internet and telephony companies, enabling us to provide first-class service to businesses around the UK.

Our Hosted-PBX (Internet-based Phone) solution provides access to a powerful telephone system designed for Business, offering all the advantages of phone services from large telecoms providers at a fraction of the cost. This saving is achieved by removing fees such as installation, line rental and maintenance costs.

Our services include supplying companies with quality telephony hardware resources such as headsets from companies such as Yealink, as well as VOIP software from Bria, Xtelsio, and more.

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