KJL Business IT Solutions and Services

See all of our services below. If you require any additional support introducing IT Solutions or services for business please get in touch with us via our contact page.

IT Support Services

We support business critical software, general user needs across a whole organisation and full administration of network devices.

Networking & Internet

Networking options come with a wide-variety of advantages including cost reduction, budget predictability and enhancements to productivity.

Cloud Hosting

KJL offer a powerful Cloud Platform for hosting websites, software and applications (including secure file-sharing).

Web Design

KJL offer professional web design services for business. We are able to take on any web-based project with in-house skills to improve and enhance online web tools.

Internet Filtering & Web Monitoring

Real-time browser filtering with permissions control and policy roll-out.

Social Media / Email Campaigns

Our experienced Marketers are able to grow Social Media following and fully manage Email Marketing campaigns.

SEO / Digital Advertising

Our experienced Marketers are able to grow Social Media following and fully manage Email Marketing campaigns.

Backup & Restore

Highly effective backup and restoration software. A single hosted solution for common disasters, uncommon disasters and disaster recovery.

Managed Print Service

Managed Printing reduces cost, eases stress and ensures a setup that works in the best interest of all employees.

PCI Compliance / Penetration Testing

KJL Scans identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration of web sites, applications, and IT infrastructures with Internet-facing internet protocol (IP) addresses.

Email Signature Software

Cloud-based signature manager to ensure professional and up-to-date brand management.

Display Advertising / Noticeboards

Our display solution has a wide range of uses. It can be used to offer fantastic time based deals directly to customers in-store, or utilise any web-based application via a browser.

Anti-Virus Protection

Our World-leading Anti-Virus tools identify and halt automated intrusion, phishing algorithms and brute force attacks (DDoS)

Email Security (Cloud-Based)

Email Scanning halts viruses that exploit vulnerabilities at the first instance and uncovers those which are highly stealthy and persistent to shield critical systems and data.