• New Email Security Partner: Mimecast

    Posted By KJL Support on June 19, 2018
    We are very happy to partner with Mimecast, an extremely exciting business that offers a fully integrated cloud suite to comprehensively manage the security, archiving, and business continuity risks associated with emails. 

    What do Mimecast products offer?

    Mimecast products take a completely new look at the current trends and offer the tools to provide end-to-end security and business continuity in one package. This means vast improvements in user error and halting bad actors, outbound link protection, and attachment management (including large attachment sending protection).

    This suite includes the following features:

    Secure Email Gateway Security: User optimized spam protection, malware, DoS, and DHA protection.
    Real-time Diagnostics and Reporting: Data loss prevention, secure message delivery, email branding and disclaimer management, document conversion and metadata management, real-time online queue management, advanced routing, and spooling.
    Targeted Threat Protection: URL rewriting at the gateway with time-of-click scanning for malicious content before being opened.
    Large File Sending Protection: Send and receive large files from Outlook, with encryption, optional access key, and custom expiration dates.

    Secure Messaging: Secure email channel for sensitive information either user-initiated or policy-driven.

    Cloud Archive for Email: Encrypted cloud storage which saves emails in triplicate in an immutable storage system. Users can access and search emails through an Outlook desktop client. Archive access is available via a Mac desktop app and apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile.
    Continuity: During primary mail system outages, email can be accessed via Microsoft Outlook, through a web browser, and via mobile devices.

    Mimecast services use a massively parallel grid infrastructure for email storage and processing through geographically dispersed data centers, enabling it to offer a 100% uptime service level agreement on all services. Its Mail Transfer Agent provides intelligent email routing based on server or user mailbox location.

    How do I get Mimecast?

    Mimecast is only available to businesses through their approved partner network. We are fortunate to be one of these approved partners and can help companies get set up with the Mimecast Solution. For more information about this process please call 01268 857118.

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