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  • World Class Virus Protection

    KJL manage full device protection from known and emergent viruses with a world-leading anti-virus solution. With over 100 million active users, all part of a live grid that works to detect and halt cyber threats and large scale attacks, we are confident in saying that our anti-virus solution is the very best solution for business.

    In addition to normal functions such as threat prevention and network protection, our anti-virus solution offers dynamic and robust Cloud tools to monitor and activate company-wide policies that ensure businesses have the very best in IT Security.

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    • Supports VM’s and adds critical layers of protection against hackers and botnets. Includes data access management with web control to restrict website access.
    • Features rapid threat detection and ultra low system demands. This key feature leaves more system resources free while still delivering complete business protection.
    • Powered by ThreatSense technology: combining speed, accuracy and minimal system requirements to monitor in real-time without impacting operations or network speed.

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