Device Data Encryption

Device Encryption

Protect Sensitive Data & Stop Data Breaches

With the introduction of the GDPR and higher levels of scrutiny covering data protection, ALL businesses in Europe will soon have to prove that data is encrypted while stored and in transit. KJL offer an all-encompassing data encryption solution offers a simple and effective way to ensure full compliance with new legislation.

This solution covers encryption for all data across the business. Policies can be created to automate data encryption to fully protect end users.

Hard disk protection – Rapid lock-down protection for hard disks and enterprise server environments

Email Encryption – Powerful Outlook add-in features and attachment encryption tools with file shredding options if the file is tampered with.

Encrypt Storage Media – Rapid protection of data on removable media.

Enterprise Level Policy Control – Oversee data protection across thousands of users across a network with full auditability.

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