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    Sedao and Clevertouch offer high-quality, engaging, affordable digital signage solutions for you to get your message across to customers, passers-by and workers, both easily and effectively.

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Introducing Sedao & Clevertouch

Both Sedao and Clevertouch are owned by Sahara Presentations Systems Group. Sahara has been distributing cutting-edge AV solutions and software to the education, health, public and corporate sectors for over 40-years.

Sedao and Clevertouch products provide small, medium, and large businesses in the UK with quality digital display solutions. These can be used in many ways, for instance in a call centre or office, a waiting room or reception, business events or exhibitions, in shops and restaurants, and much, much more.


Sedao Digital Signage

Established in 2004, Sedao Digital Signage has built a reputation as an innovative manufacturer of high-quality, easy to use, and cost-effective digital signage and communications systems.
Sedao has since become part of Sahara Presentation Systems Plc, which has seen them expand their product solutions to include room booking, LFD screens, and a dedicated messaging app for Clevertouch collaborative screens.
Sedao's products are developed by professionals with a background in broadcasting and have become some of the most highly-regarded products in the industry.

Clevertouch Technologies

Clevertouch was established with the following goals and ambitions. They aimed to empower every human being and organisation on the planet to achieve more, encourage everyone to come together to explore and expand on ideas, bringing them to life without geographical or technological limitations, and of course, being the best at what they do.

Multi-Award Winning Technology

Clevertouch’s multi-award-winning touchscreens come with the most comprehensive warranty and lowest failure rate on the market. Choose from four different sizes from 55 to 86 inches with an optional slot-in PC and our own unique LUX interface designed for large touchscreens. All 4K resolution screens come packed with features that are subscription-free, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Creating Content For Sedao & Clevertouch Devices

Sedao & Clevertouch have created a portal in which makes content creation extremely easy, even for those that are unfamiliar with digital content creation. Clevertouch Live enables users to manage message content from an online cloud account using any internet-connected device.

Users have the flexibility to control all digital signage displays from a single account using a simple, drag and drop interface. With over 100+ templates, users can add brand logos and images, make changes such as moving, resizing, and deleting multimedia zones, and edit content to create personalised digital signage presentations.
Take a look at this short video demonstration to see just how easy it is to choose a template and begin designing!

Clevertouch has uploaded lots of easy-to-follow videos like this one to their YouTube channel.

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