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    Together with Mimecast, we offer the best email filtering and scanning software to actively protect your small, medium or large UK business from advanced cyber-attacks, including real-time tracking of emergent threats.

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What Is Email Threat Protection?

Email is the number one channel for how attackers target an organization. Simply put, humans make mistakes and when it comes to email, a click or fast response to an email that appears to be from a senior executive is all it takes to put an organization at risk.

Mimecast Email Security helps companies protect their employees, intellectual property, customer data, and brand reputations by providing comprehensive, cloud-based security that mitigates risk and reduces the cost and complexity of creating a cyber-resilient organization.

Cloud-Based Solution

Delivered as a 100% cloud solution, Mimecast shields the organization from email threats such as clicking malicious links, opening malware-laden attachments, responding to payload-less impersonation attacks, and unknowingly spreading attacks both internally and externally.

Why does your business need extra email filtering?

With the improvements in deception for regular email filters and the daily increase in email-borne threats, the only viable option for businesses is to ensure they have the very latest software to protect them. Our email security solution not only prevents attacks from the very latest techniques but actively scans attachments to search for malicious code. All potentially harmful emails are quarantined and can be reviewed easily from a web-based portal.

Ready For Anything - Making Email Safer For Business

Securely operating a business in the cloud requires new levels of IT preparedness, centered around cyber resilience. Therefore, we unify the delivery and management of security, continuity, and data protection for email via one, simple-to-use cloud platform.
Organisations trust us to increase their cyber resilience preparedness, streamline compliance, reduce IT complexity, and keep their business running. We give employees fast and secure access to sensitive business information, and ensure email keeps flowing in the event of an outage.

Did You Know?

90% of global organizations have seen the volume of phishing attacks increase or stay the same in the last 12 months.
59% of organizations will suffer a negative business impact from an email-borne attack this year.

61% of organizations were hit by an attack where malicious activity was spread from one infected user to other employees via email.

Protecting Against The Threats Of Tomorrow

The future of technology is often uncertain but working with our Partners at Mimecast we ensure that our customers will have the very latest and most powerful tools to protect their business. Our Email Security solution will evolve to meet the demands of the changing technological landscape and ensure that you, as a business, are at the cutting-edge with total confidence in your IT security.

Email Security Solutions For Your Business

We offer a powerful Cloud-based Email Threat Protection tool to detect and block email bourne threats across an organization – from embedded systems to mobile devices, to desktops, servers, gateways, and the cloud.
These offerings combine local context from infrastructure with global telemetry from one of the world’s largest cyber threat intelligence networks to protect organizations of any size.


Key Benefits Of Mimecast Email Security

  • Comprehensive security against an ever-changing threat landscape. Including external and internal threats.

  • Support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid email management systems.

  • An integrated cloud solution that reduces complexity and cost.

  • Easy administration with a single administrative console that provides full visibility across the organization.

  • Protection against primary mail server downtime with Mailbox Continuity.

  • Leverages the cloud to continuously apply the most current email security protections.

  • Protection against accidental or purposeful data leakage.

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