• Exclaimer Email Signature Management Software for UK Businesses

    The multi award-winning Exclaimer Signature Manager for Outlook is designed to achieve consistent, up-to-date professional client communications right across a business, whether small, medium, or large.

What is Exclaimer (for Outlook)?

Exclaimer Signature Manager reduces the time required to create professional, consistent and up-to date external communications featuring the latest promotions. It allows for the creation of signature delivery rules and department policies, while also giving Marketing departments new tools to create leads.

Why choose KJL Group?

We have been delivering Exclaimer to clients for years. Over this period, we have planned, setup and deployed to thousands of end users. We create marketing banners to help deliver professional, and consistent messaging across the business and get your message to your customers.

Does Your Business Require Professional Email Signature Management Software?

Whether your small, medium or large business is looking for email signature management software, ideas, designs, or templates, we’re confident Exclaimer Email Signature software is the perfect solution.

Exclaimer enables users to be creative and produce their own signatures, or our UK-based team are more than happy to provide professional, corporate signatures. Whether each worker requires their own personal signature, or this is different depending on departments, recipients or for any other reason, the Exclaimer signature generator has a function for this.

We’ll simply connect Exclaimer with your email system, for Outlook, and provide you with support every step of the way.

Professional Email Signatures

The Exclaimer software enables you to design custom email signatures from scratch or use the extensive template library.

One user can have multiple signatures, allowing them to manually choose which email signature they want to use for different emails.

As well as different signatures for different emails, the same applies for departments, implementing rules lets you define exactly which users get which signatures. For example, this lets the Marketing team highlight an upcoming event, while giving finance the chance to highlight the organisation’s payment terms.

Why choose Exclaimer?

Since it was first released in 2009, Exclaimer has been the proud recipient of many awards globally. This includes endorsements from executive communities and being voted for by users within the IT and Marketing industries. Today, it remains the most effective tool on the market for managing signatures throughout an organisation.

One workstation can easily manage and distribute all organisational email signatures, in which the user can update signatures in a single click. This is because once a template is saved, it automatically updates the selected groups and users.

Examples of Email Signatures:

Other Options: Exchange & Office 365 Versions

Exclaimer: Hosted Exchange Edition

Added at the server level - As emails pass through the Exchange server, they get ‘stamped’ with an email signature, dependent on rules you have defined.

Simpler signature designs for internal emails - Include more useful information for employees such as internal extension numbers or a location within an office.

Different designs for email replies - Stop email conversations getting flooded with signatures by creating a smaller design to include only the user’s name, job title and phone number.

Test before you send - Make sure all your email signature policies work before you deploy them using our integrated Policy Tester.

Exclaimer: Office 365 Edition

Signatures for Office 365 come equipped with a library of professional email signature templates. You can even create a signature as bitmap graphic with embedded web links.

Anything is possible – There is no end to how many email signatures you can create. We can even design custom signatures for you if you can’t see a template you like, including special designs for individual users, different languages, and different groups/departments.

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