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    Smoothwall Filtering is a market-leading internet filtering solution, ideal for schools, colleges, and universities in the UK. As a Smoothwall partner, we provide their security software to education organisations around the country at great prices.

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Why Does Your School Need Web Filtering?

The internet is now an integral part of today’s digital classrooms. The challenge for schools is to protect students from harmful content while providing the freedom to learn without limits. Preventing overblocking and unreasonable restrictions is critical.

Smoothwall Filter Gives You Complete Control

Smoothwall Filter categorises web content in real-time, without dependence on unreliable and outdated URL blocklists. Combined with a powerful reporting suite, social media controls and BYOD functionality, Smoothwall Filter allows you to review and control what students see online.

How Does Smoothwall Filter Work?

The intelligent web filter analyses a page’s content, context, and construction to spot dangerous content and block it immediately. This unique content filtering ensures there is no gap between harmful content being published, and our ability to block it. With Smoothwall’s web filter, your students are always protected.

Why Choose Smoothwall Filter For Your School?

  •  100% focused on education in the UK

  •  The only genuine real-time web filter for education

  •  Exceeds KCSIE and Ofsted requirements

  •  Flexible approach to deployment – cloud, hybrid, on-premise

Real-time Dynamic Content Analysis

Categorises new and existing web content appropriately in real-time by analysing the content, context, and construction of each page.

Who, What, Where, When?

Build policies based on user group, content category, time, location IP, subnet, and hostname for mobile devices and laptops.

Social Media Controls

Flexible tools allow read-only access and the ability to remove inappropriate content across social media sites.

Cloud-Based Reporting

Fast reporting around incidents, with web activity, examined in minutes.


Offer public Wi-Fi filtering and filter guest mobile devices securely on your network across all platforms.

Multi-OS Support

Available on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.

Anonymous Proxy Blocking

Real-time blocking of anonymous proxies to prevent users circumventing the filter to access blocked content from websites, FTP, SIP.

Easy Management

Intelligently manage and allocate bandwidth to minimise the impact of media and file sharing, without the need to fully block services.

UK-Based Support

An expert, UK customer support team is available to help your school, college, or university when needed.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Watch the video to see what Boundary Oak School and Conifers School have to say about Smoothwall Filter.

Cloud, On-premise, Or Hybrid?


Ideal for customers who don’t want the burden of maintaining an appliance, but prefer to sidestep any through-put problems and eliminate choke issues when filtering data.



Ideal for organisations who have invested in hardware, have dedicated teams to maintain and manage their appliances, and who want to maximise the benefit from this.



Some customers will have particular needs that require a hybrid of both cloud and on-premise. This gives better cost efficiencies, easier management and improved overall performance.

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Why Choose KJL Group To Provide Smoothwall Software?

KJL Group specialize in providing organisations in the education sector around the UK with the best internet and email security software from top brands, we have been doing so for years.

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