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  • Internet Filtering & Web Monitoring is a 21st century tool which provides complete protection for modern business.

    It offers real-time content awareness and instant analysis of all web-based content on every single machine connected to a network, including anonymous devices. Over the past five years this solution has become one of the UK’s most popular security options for large companies, all of which have many users who access their systems with their own mobile devices.

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    • Perimeter Firewall. Reliable and trusted firewall with IDS, IPS and stateful packet inspection.
    • Bit Defender. Protection against fast evolving web-borne threats
    • VPN Gateway. A fully featured VPN Gateway supporting L2TP, IPSec + SSL
    • Guardian Web Filter. Enterprise quality Dynamic Content Analysis with ‘who, when, what and where’ policy tools
    • Email Security. Integrated anti-spam and anti-phishing from Mailshell.
    • Load Balancer. Both incoming and outgoing traffic balanced across two or more connections.

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