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    InVentry is a pioneer of sign in and visitor management systems and is trusted by over 8,000 organisations across the UK. The unique system transforms the efficiency of entry into a building and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit; giving companies maximum traceability for staff, contractors and visitors.

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The Market Leaders In Contractor Management & Staff Monitoring Solutions

InVentry's products are continuously developed in-house and provide a smart solution to site security and tracking - without compromising on the reliability and stability that customers demand of a front-of-house, mission-critical system.

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Know who is on-site at any given time.


Cutting-edge software designed so anyone can use it.


Create the right impression first time, every time.


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InVentry's Specialist Sectors

The InVentry sign-in system is designed for staff, visitor, and contractor management for a variety of different sectors. Find yours below!


When a visitor or contractor arrives on site there are many checks and processes that need to be followed. InVentry allows you to manage these checks and offer custom questions at the point of sign-in; all from one easy-to-use system. 

High Security / Data Centres

InVentry gives Data Centres the ability to control who is on-site and track reasons for visits, 24 hours a day. With security being your top priority, the InVentry system will help ensure your site is always secure whilst enabling you to be in full control of the data.

Government & Council

Manage contractor checks quickly and easily whilst also ensuring a professional welcome with the InVentry system. Also allow staff and contractors to roam between sites using the same ID, giving you complete sight of location information.


The safeguarding of patients is always at the forefront of any hospital. InVentry allows you to manage visitors and contractors quickly and efficiently, whilst also ensuring that everyone on site is checked and has appropriate access around the building.

Training & Event Centres

InVentry allows you to manage events and visitors from one simple-to-use system. Our pre-booking feature also enables visitors to sign in through the swipe of a QR code. Ask custom questions upon sign in such as lunch options and dietary requirements.


Give visitors and staff the right first impression by including an InVentry system in your reception area. Customise your skin to make it coincide with your brand, for a sleek and stylish visitor management system.


Whether it's a stadium or theatre, InVentry gives you the ability to manage your visitors, staff and contractors quickly and efficiently - whether it's event day or not. Ensure those on site are clearly identifiable through a personalised badge highlighting on-site permissions.


InVentry provides charities with the ability to track who is on-site at any time. With volunteers and service users constantly entering the building, it’s also vital to track why they are on site. InVentry gives you just that, all from one system.

Care Homes

To ensure that everyone has the same quality of life, and to minimise safeguarding concerns and incidents, your welcome area needs to be safe and secure. This is the first line of defence and can be the difference in knowing who is and isn’t onsite in a variety of emergencies.

Multi-Site Flexibility

Whatever your business type, InVentry gives you the flexibility to manage site access through one comprehensive solution.

  • Staff roam between sites by flowing information between individual systems.
  • Staff are automatically signed out from an individual system when they sign into a new one at a different location.
  • Share personnel records across sites so that contractors can be approved at a company-wide level for all sites.

Outlook & Email Integration

InVentry now integrates with Outlook, Gmail and other email providers meaning appointments and meetings are added straight into your inbox.

  • Events and pre-booked visitors added to Outlook and Email Calendars.
  • Send pre-booked visitor invitations straight to their inbox.

Door Access Integration & Installation

The most comprehensive sign in and door access integration. Trigger door releases via an InVentry card reader, and sign into InVentry via your access control reader - all from just a single swipe!

Access Invitations

  • Allow pre-booked visitors to open entrance barriers and doors through just a simple invitation click.
  • Provide a custom time restriction on each invitation - whether it’s multiple hours or multiple days, you’re in control.

Health Features

In response to the recent pandemic, we’ve developed lots of new features to enable your business to remain COVID-19 secure. These features include Capacity Management allowing you to set a maximum capacity and receive notifications when this capacity has been met, breached, and back to acceptable levels.

Health Declarations

Send COVID-19 Health Declarations to staff and visitors each morning Those who declare that they're displaying symptoms will be unable to sign in or enter the building.

Host Ready Notifications

  • Manage the number of visitors in your reception by only allowing visitors to enter the building when it is safe to do so.
  • Hosts can let visitors know when they are ready for them - all at the click of a button.

Test & Trace

  • Test and trace visitors who have come in contact with staff who have declared COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Notify those identified and ask them to self-isolate.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“I cannot recommend InVentry highly enough, their ability to tailor a solution around your requirements makes the task of introducing, or upgrading, your digital sign-in system as smooth as you could possibly hope for! Get in touch and see for yourself!”

Chris Skurray, Facilities Manager – BASF

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