Managed Print Service


Sector Examples

  • Reduce Costs or Upgrade Printing

    KJL offer a highly cost effective Managed Printing service designed to reduce costs across an organisation.

    Through consolidation, correct hardware setup and a cost effective maintenance package, savings can be as high as 35% per annum. This service also offers new opportunities such as quick printing from emails or within software, with the ability to print straight from mobiles, scan to print and print directly to PDF.

  • At KJL, we are not interested in selling printers, instead we focus on ensuring the best client outcomes. This typically means developing a print solution which reduces cost, eases stress and ensures a setup that works in the best interest of all employees.

    • Site Audit: Formal assessment of current printing infrastructure.
    • Customisation: Monitoring, managing and optimising total print output.
    • Development: Turning paper-based processes into automated, digital ones.
    • Proposal: Clear roadmap to company-wide efficiency.
    • Carbon Reduction: Significantly reducing environmental footprint and energy cost.
  • Alternatively, we also offer purchasing to improve output of print items with support covering setup, cloud services and administration as required.

    • Greater output capabilities, enabling new business opportunities.
    • Reduced operating costs and increased throughput.
    • Greater consistency, improved printer uptimes and optimised setup.
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