• Mobile Phone Connectivity & Tariffs for Businesses

    Mobile connectivity has become essential for businesses to stay connected to employees, customers, and suppliers, wherever they work, live, or do business.

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Simple, yet flexible tariffs to cover all business requirements 

Mobile offers a continuous connection to your business and data, resulting in increased efficiency and improved communications within your workforce.

With KJL Group, our mobile proposition offers you complete flexibility. No complicated pricing, just simple tariffs that enable flexible working. With our plans, you can stay productive and keep your employees connected when they are out of the office or working remotely.

You can ensure important calls and messages aren’t missed and provide instant, remote access to email, the internet, synchronised calendars, collaboration tools and app, and company networks. 


Why KJL Group?

As a multi-service provider, we offer an independent, impartial view of your communication needs.
Strong partnerships with our providers, plus our experience and expertise, enable us to work with you to deliver a market-leading solution for your business. 
With data-only options available and competitively priced SIM-only schemes, we provide the quality and flexibility you require. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low-cost plans
  • Highly competitive and flexible propositions on either O2 or Vodafone 
  • Future-proof your business with 5G ready tariffs – with no additional charges 
  • Flexible agreement terms to suit your business needs 
  • Avoid bill shock with our suite of usage alerts, bill limits, caps, and bars
  • eSIM capabilities on O2  
  • Freedom to select the right voice and data packages alongside a wide range of additional value bundles 
  • Unlimited calls, text & data plans available 
  • Single & Sharer tariff options 
  • Tailor your plans with bespoke tariffs to meet your business requirements 

Roaming and International

  • Roaming options to cover travel around the globe 
  • Free of charge Roam Like at Home in the EU 
  • Access your UK allowances whilst roaming worldwide for a low daily fee 
  • Simple international options – call and text abroad for less 

Why use mobile for your business?

 – Mobile gives you the freedom and flexibility to access the network from anywhere, at any time 

Instant access with Cloud based apps – Storing files in the Cloud makes agile working even easier as you can access them using your mobile device whenever and wherever you need them 

Increase productivity – With immediate access to all your emails and files on your mobile phone, you no longer need to wait until you’re in the office to complete a task, meaning you can make the most out of your time and improve efficiency 

Remain in contact with colleagues and customers – By using mobile, you can be reached whenever your customers need you, meaning you can improve your customer service experience 

Improve employee engagement & collaboration – With many mobile applications designed for collaboration, employees are easily able to get in touch with each other and work together on projects, no matter where they are 

Environmentally friendly – By introducing mobile and agile working, employees can work from home more often, skipping the commute and reducing their carbon footprint 

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