• Managed Networking & Internet for UK Businesses

    Our managed internet & networking service options are designed to optimise for a variety of needs including peer-to-peer connection speed, global access, rapid uploading and cross-network sharing and telecoms. We offer a range of different networks, from ADSL, to FTTC, to EoFTTC, to MPLS.

Who needs Managed Network Services?

The importance of a computer business network in any business should not be questioned. Following the mass uptake of IT systems in business and a paramount need for full-time connectivity over the past 20 years, several different internet and networking options have emerged.

We offer a range of different networks, from ADSL, to FTTC, to EoFTTC, and MPLS. These options are contingent on the number of sites, the strength of the connection and the compliance factors involved (if transferring data outside of the UK).

KJL Group in Partnership with Zen

Here at KJL Group, we are proud to be a partner of Zen, a Which? & PC Pro multi-awarding winning internet service provider. We provide companies around the UK with Zen internet and broadband, supporting these businesses from our UK offices. Customer service is at the center of what we do, answering and responding to calls quickly and promptly.

We will help you decide which package is best for you based on your business size and requirements.

We were proud to be nominated for Zen’s Partner of the Year 2020.

Internet and Networking Options

Depending on specific customer requirements, KJL Group offer simple solutions for smaller business and advanced network builds for larger organisations. These types of networks come with a wide variety of advantages including cost reduction, budget predictability and enhancements to productivity. We offer a reliable and professional service, with fully trained, qualified engineers.

- Internet connections of up to 24 Mbps

The KJL ADSL setup is the perfect option for businesses with only a couple of sites. It takes advantage of reduced cost and offers increases to download speeds if the network is kept busy. Connection speeds vary from 8Mbps to 24Mbps depending on certain factors including distance to the exchange.

FTTC - Internet connections of up to 80 Mbps

Using the same infrastructure type as ADSL, except moving the connections closer together, this setup leverages a far faster bandwidth through copper cables, offering up to 80Mbps download and 16Mbps upload speed.

With this setup, a business can run HD video feeds, VoIP and general internet access over a single network connection. 

- Internet connections of upto 20 Mbps with an SLA

KJL’s leased line option provides symmetrical bandwidth, EoFTTC (Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet). It combines with a 100% SLA and 24-hour support, ADSL backup and bandwidth speeds up to 20Mbps. This is a great alternative to the more expensive Fibre Ethernet for smaller businesses.

Advanced Networking Services Establish Full Speed Connectivity

- Advanced Networking

For larger organisations with a multitude of sites in the UK and / or abroad, we work with leading providers to create the best MPLS setup for our clients. This includes the creation of an RFQ / RFP and management of the switchover.

Why Choose KJL Group?

At KJL Group we combine carrier-class technologies and extensive expertise to deliver a network that can meet the needs of your evolving business.

We have invested considerable time and money into providing a superior service. This includes a build process that is tailored to individual requirements and ensures optimal usage of all available resources. In addition, we offer a single point of contact with no need to use multiple providers, offering the full range of network services including Internet access, hosted sharing services, LAN and WAN setups, Wireless LAN convergence and Endpoint Management. Furthermore, using our Unified Threat Management solutions, we can provide extended firewall and content management to fully protect any business network.

Have You Considered the Cloud?

Cloud Network setups have grown from strength to strength over the past five years in terms of security, flexibility, speed and power. Today Cloud networks are as fast, if not faster, than traditional setups. They also offer advantages in terms of resilience, security and user accessibility. Looking to the future, the advantages of a Cloud approach will become more apparent.

In line with technological upgrades, KJL Group offer Cloud-based solutions such as secured File Sharing (with offline sync, lightweight previewing and off-site data wipe protection capability). This solution, developed with leading organisation Autotask, mean that the ongoing cost of constant upgrades to network infrastructure and continual purchasing cycles can be drastically reduced, in turn decreasing the cost of daily business and freeing up new capital to be re-invested into emergent opportunities.

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