• Professional VOIP Phone Systems for UK Businesses

    Our hosted VOIP service is a cost-effective internet-based phone system, perfect for the offices of small, medium, and large businesses in the UK.

What are the Benefits of Internet-Based Phone Systems?

By using the internet to send, receive and monitor calls, businesses can take advantage of advanced configuration options and greatly reduce the cost of their internal and external communications.

Our Hosted-PBX (Internet-based Phone) solution provides access to a powerful telephone system designed for Business, offering all the advantages of phone services from large telecoms providers at a fraction of the cost. This saving is achieved by removing fees such as installation, line rental and maintenance costs.


With cost savings over traditional setups of up to 70% we offer a solution that simply makes sense. KJL Group ensure the highest levels of service, call quality, network and configuration features and benefits. We also include cost-effective local on-site support as required.

A Quick Overview of Hosted PBX (VoIP)

A professional VoIP telephone setup gives businesses the administrative tools to manage telephone calls.

Incoming Call Rules

Filter incoming calls based on Caller ID and time, using rules to automate transfers.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another extension or a mobile phone with one click. This feature can be configured to by time / day / date.

Call Pickup

Enable users to pick up calls ringing at other extensions. Perfect for general calls.

Call Parking

Put multiple callers into a holding group to be picked up as users become free.

Call Queues

Answer multiple calls simultaneously and distribute to improve customer satisfaction.

Authorisation to Reach Extension

Request the caller to provide a password in order to contact the desired extension.

Call Recording

Record as part of satisfaction improvement programs or abuse prevention. Setup can be event driven (employee presses a button) or unconditional (setup by management).

Auto Attendant

Voice menus with multiple contexts, options and actions. Substantially reduce admin costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Call Review Management

Our call recording function is low in cost and simple to use. Recordings are accessible via web browser from our cloud service. Sound files can be streamed online or downloaded. This capability extends to a large user base, with a range of automated backup solutions available.

Call Monitoring

Real-time monitoring can dramatically improve call performance, enabling managers to train staff effectively. Depending on setup, managers can listen, whisper and enter staff calls on any handset.

Call Logging

All inbound and outbound calls are logged and enable traffic review by business and extension.

Call Screening

Filter calls by destination or use to improve call satisfaction / conversion. Can accommodate millions of numbers in the filtering list.

Intercom / Paging

Broadcast real-time messages to groups or extensions. Service is highly customisable and uniquely configured.

More Benefits of VoIP

  • Charged per user. No need to rent any phone lines.

  • Free setup. No line installation charges.

  • Enterprise grade solution for all sizes of business.

  • 0800, 0845, 0870, and any 01 or 02 number ranges.

  • Multiple device connection (including Smartphone).

  • All advanced features can be managed via a simple control panel. Features Multiple levels of access.

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