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    Regardless of the complexity or requirements to manage key factors, we offer the right setup, with the right solution, at the right price. Ensure total data protection for your small, medium, or large UK business with Actiphy.

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Backup Solutions For All Requirements

Working in partnership with world-leading organisation Actiphy, we offer backup solutions which can be fully tailored to meet specific requirements and have been proven to achieve the very best outcomes. Regardless of the complexity or requirements to manage key factors, we offer the right setup, with the right solution, at the right price.

Making Backup & Recovery Stress A Thing Of The Past

Disasters can and do happen all the time. Thankfully, KJL Group backup solutions, created with Actiphy, are proven to protect company data and IT infrastructure from any type of disaster, large or small.

The Right Solution For Your Business

Our Backup and Recovery solutions are focused on two key areas: Environment Backup and Off-site Replication. These options both have individual set-up depending on the type of server. For services that require high availability, we offer 2-minute recovery, with full rapid restoration capability and intelligent architecture support.
Our experts guide customers through the process, introducing the right options to complement the existing infrastructure setup.

Main Features Of KJL's Total Data Protection

Business Server Protection

Backup and Restore for Windows Servers featuring ImageBoot for a 2-minute recovery.


After Imaging: Desktop Protection

Protect Windows-based laptops and workstations, even for mobile and distributed workforces. Includes 2-minute recovery.


After Imaging: Cluster Protection

Complete protection for Windows Cluster servers, featuring rapid restoration through Instant Recovery and 2-minute recovery with ImageBoot in case of a major disaster.


Linux Server Protection

Backup and Restore for companies running CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.


VM / vServer Standby

Restore any physical or virtual Windows server in less than 5 minutes within VMware ESXi. Works alongside any existing backup solution.

Improving Simplicity & Security

After Imaging: Backups Made Easy

To make life simple, we do not offer billions of different solutions. Instead, we offer one technology for both Windows and Linux which is proven as highly effective on physical and virtual platforms. After Imaging, our proprietary backup software solution is a high-speed recovery solution that reduces backup processing time, even when dealing with very large amounts of data.

Re-thinking De-duplication

We took a different approach when developing our de-duplication technology. We didn’t want backup processing time to escalate uncontrollably (as can be the case for many existing backup products). Instead, Inline Data Deduplication and Compression (IDDC) allows users to efficiently de-duplicate data and compress image files during (not after) the backup process, with significantly better results.

One-click Virtualisation

This feature simplifies migration and virtualisation while also reducing implementation time and costs.

Instant Access To Data & Entire Systems

Instant Availability solutions let you boot an entire system (physical or virtual) in only two minutes, significantly reducing downtime and lost revenue.
Traditionally, any big data server would take a long time to restore, severely impacting operations. KJL Group uses modern virtual environment technologies to boot any crashed machine in an instant as a replacement: a VM that is in the exact state of the last snapshot taken before the disaster.

Key Benefits of Total Data Protection

  • 2-minute downtime for mission-critical servers

  • Instant recovery to any point-in-time backup

  • Automated physical to virtual snapshots

  • Solutions work seamlessly with other products

  • Allows for regular Continuity testing (BCM)

  • Full solutions for virtual machines (Hyper V)

  • Module for Email and Exchange migration

  • Offsite replication and consolidation

  • Real-time server performance optimization

  • Moving high resource demand to off-peak times

  • Store backups on local storage and replicate them on-site, off-site, or in the Cloud

  • Data De-duplication and Compression (IDDC) create smaller backups that require less storage

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