• Datto Workplace File Sharing for UK Businesses

    Workplace is a remarkably easy to use solution that enables team members to safely access, manage, organize, collaborate and share files securely from any device, anywhere. Perfect for small, medium, and large businesses looking to access data in the office, as well as when working remotely.

What is Workplace File Sharing?

Datto Workplace is an enterprise-grade file sync and share tool that can easily enable secure, remote collaboration quickly and efficiently for clients. With Workplace, data can be accessed remotely as well as in the office via desktop, laptop, and mobile devices without the need for a VPN.

A collaboration and content sharing tool built for managed service providers (MSPs), Datto Workplace enables complete governance by MSPs over client data under a single pane of glass. With advanced ransomware detection and management capabilities, threats are mitigated from syncing across devices in the event of an attack.

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Why Choose Datto Workplace?

Secure Collaboration, Built for Business

Users everywhere are increasingly expected to work and collaborate anywhere, on any device. Collaboration, however, comes with risks. Sharing data with the wrong person or accidentally making a file publicly accessible can have negative consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, and litigation. Workplace is purpose-built for the needs of today’s digital and mobile workforce and is designed to ensure secure collaboration and protect you from the risks associated with file sharing.

Work Anywhere, On Any Device

With support for Windows, MacOS, Windows Server, iOS, and Android, Workplace eliminates the need for costly legacy tools such as VPN and FTP to enable business productivity. File locking and conflict management ensure collaboration without frustration. An easy-to-use permission structure for internal and external sharing allows Workplace users to securely collaborate, leveraging integrations with core business tools such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Active Directory, and Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Administer, Control, and Manage

Configure granular, policy-driven controls to manage the feature set available to users and increase security. Our integration with Active Directory automates the on and offboarding of users simplifies administration, and allows users to access Workplace with familiar credentials. Remote deployment and monitoring features allow for easy, centralized management, whether by a team administrator or your service provider. Schedule comprehensive reports on system activity to monitor usage and report to customers on alignment with company policies and regulations.

Ease of Use

Workplace is built with usability in mind. Administrators can manage and monitor Workplace usage with minimal effort. Tight integrations with Windows Explorer and MacOS Finder and intuitive Online and Mobile interfaces ensure rapid adoption into users existing workflow. Workplace simply works!

Security and Compliance

Over 99.99% uptime alongside HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 compliance means Datto Workplace has a proven track record of keeping business data safe and available 24/7. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest with 265-bit AES encryption. Data centres are geo-redundant, with regions based in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Advanced policies and device management ensure data access is controlled and managed. 180-day versioning ensures that you can quickly recover accidentally deleted files or revert to a previous version.

Datto Workplace Specifications

Platforms Supported

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows Server

Permission Levels

Individual and group-based granular control of access to data with various permissions levels. Granular control over user’s ability to reshare within the team and to create public shares

End User Authentication Methods

Username & password, Active Directory integration, and Single Sign-On (SSO)

File Versioning

File locking and conflict resolution prevents version conflicts and facilitates version management. New versions are created whenever a file is changed. File versions and deleted files are retained for up to 180 days


Sophisticated reporting captures all events within Workplace relating to configuration changes, user creation, and management changes to files and file structures, sharing, and more. Customized reports may be saved and scheduled for email delivery

File Server Support (Hybrid Environment Support)

Workplace Server enables collaboration between users in the office and users working remotely without the need for complex legacy systems such as VPN and FTP. Files updated and locked by LAN users are instantly synced with other Workplace users and vice versa to ensure smooth collaboration without risk of file conflicts.

Ransomware Detection

Advanced algorithms analyse file changes on end users’ workstations and servers connected to Datto Workplace for signs of ransomware infections. Once detected, the affected machine is immediately quarantined to prevent spread and contamination of the repository. Administrators are immediately notified and can easily revert the affected files to their state prior to the incident, thereby minimizing the impact of a ransomware attack.

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