The BEST and WORST Technology of 2017

2017 was a busy year full of technological change. The emergence of AI –especially in the form of Alexa (Amazon’s smart voice recognition) and Google Assistant was certainly the cause of many forward thinking discussions.  Hype around autonomous cars also … Continue Reading

The War for 5G Supremacy

Remember back in 2010 when those Kevin Bacon adverts were around? It seemed like the whole world went a bit mad for a new technology called 4G.   4G held big promises about speed and reliability, and it seemed to … Continue Reading

Construction and the Need for Technology

The Construction Industry does not consider itself technologically minded. It was shown recently that Construction companies invest the least in IT Security for this reason. Despite giant companies in the industry such as Travis Perkins having been successfully targeted in … Continue Reading

The Measure of Success: How to Support Growing Business

Sales, growth and expansion are the cornerstone of business, but while they often bring increases to profit and greater scope for continued opportunities, a period of growth can also bring challenges. Many of these challenges are unexpected and hard to … Continue Reading

The Power and Nature of GDPR

Just to be clear this post contains information which is timely and relevant to any business with an online presence. This includes companies who manage data internally only and those who primarily deal with paper-based processes. The General Data Protection Regulation … Continue Reading